About us

Vision Technology Grid AS (VTG) has delivered software and electronic solutions for transport and logistics industry for over 20 years. VTG has three subsidiaries Trace Grid, Instek and Orlaco Norway.

Until 2003, we were known as the Orlaco Norway AS (1990). VTG was established in 2003 as a result of increased product range. VTG got focus toward mobile camera systems and fleet management system for the B2B market, and eventually we took over all distribution of Orlaco Norway AS.

After a reorganization in 2006, VTG took over all the shares of Orlaco Norway AS. Orlaco Norway AS currently possesses a department for system design, all distribution and sales go through VTG. Software solutions and camera solutions for the transport industry has been central to VTG since its inception.VTG currently possesses a SAAS software "TraceGrid", this is a software platform for fleet management and asset management.

TraceGrid was developed in Norway, and VTG has a strong focus on the solution to be complete and tailored to customer requirements.


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